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Evolução: O futuro
Evolução: O futuro
Evolução: O futuro
Ebook206 pages2 hours

Evolução: O futuro

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About this ebook

Tradução para o Português por Lucas Geremias e Prefácio por Vanderlei Martinianos.
Contribuição especial de Nikola Danaylov.

Uma intrincada história de ficção-cientifica onde o futuro e o presente colidem. O mundo já não é mais o mesmo. Os seres humanos evoluíram e venceram a morte natural, porém ainda lidam com sua inerente finitude em seu objectivo de colonizar o universo. Os seres digitais veem-se enclausurados nos inúmeros servidores da Rede e procuram formas de evoluir para além de sua condição de existência. A terra, marte e lua são bastiões do império humano, que demonstra sinais de irrevogável decadência e estagnação enquanto uma nova espécie de superinteligências derivadas da acelerada e complexa revolução tecnológica e dos evoluídos seres digitais, se preparam para colonizar o Universo.

As protagonistas Eva e Victoria são Almas - serem humanos cujo cérebro fora digitalizado depois de sua morte física - e vivem na ponte entre o que é real e o que é virtual em seu mundo de linhas de códigos e simulações, durante um período de crescente tensão entre as ambições humanas e dos seres digitais; junta-se a elas, em contra-ponto, C573Y, o oficial androide, uma superinteligência que está no epicentro dessa tensão, pois seu maior projeto, a Migração dos seres digitais para o mundo físico, através de enormes espaçonaves chamadas Caravelas, sofre incansáveis ataques por parte da mídia e de grupos terroristas que querem ou sabotar ou tomar vantagem de seu grande sonho, enquanto ele se prepara para escoltar àquele novo mundo em direção à Alpha Centauri.
Nesse cenário de incontáveis mudanças e n’um mundo profundamente desfigurado pela evolução tecnológica desenrola-se uma apaixonante trama de ficção-cientifica, onde temas sobre ética, filosofia, futurismo e inatas bases para o movimento transhumanista são tratados com enorme sutileza e contagiante narrativa que somente Marco Santini é capaz de evocar.

PublisherMarco Santini
Release dateMar 1, 2013
Evolução: O futuro

Marco Santini

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE MARCO SANTINI'S EBOOKSThe soul of a novel may evolve with its author. Here you will follow the evolution of a work from its first release to the final script.I am particularly fond of the first one – Dreaming Immortality - for the variety of the characters, the range of Transhumanist issues and because it was actually my first creation. The novel is almost all the original version, which in my opinion contributes greatly in the charm of the work. In the last edition the dates to Technological Singularity, brain digitization, semi immortality and strong A.I. have been anticipatedThe second version – The Alpha Centauri Project – is shorter but retains the main characteristics of the first work.New developments were forthcoming. A few readers imagined how gorgeous would be the story in an animated or motion picture format and set a compelling challenge for me. I adapted soon characters and plot into a story of suspense and action that makes you think. "Evolution: the future" was born.Recently my last creations. I am glad to announce the script of “The Alpha Centauri Project”.My works are in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and can be downloaded FOR FREE.Here below beautiful videos and covers by fractal artist Lilia Morales y Mori.LINKS TO E-BOOK DOWNLOADS BELOW (CLICK ON THE TITLE OF THE E-BOOK AND CHOOSE THE FORMAT FOR DOWNLOAD: KINDLE, EPUB, PDF).*********READERS:"Just finished reading "The Alpha Centauri Project" a couple days ago. I really enjoyed it. The brief "chapters" were a very interesting method for structuring. I also appreciated the recollections of the historian punctuating the story. At times, I wondered if you had initially written this as a screenplay and later adapted it into a novel. Oh, and the ending is fantastic! I'm going to give the story a second read, to ensure I absorbed everything and then would be interested in using FB to discuss. ""Just finished... my goodness, what a beautiful mind you have! In addition to stimulating my own creativity, the first thoughts I had after reading this is how gorgeous it would be in an animated or motion picture format. Have you received any screenplay offers?""Even uncommon visualization is an extreme sport. It requires daring, controlled thought, and the ability to overcome barriers within the mind, imposed by current societal norms. You are a sportsman of this genre, without doubt.""I just finished reading your captivating ebook and felt compelled to drop you a quick note to thank you and to let you know how much I enjoyed reading it. Your style is both fresh and captivating. The characters are believable and quite identifiable in their roles. I almost hated to finish reading it. Looking forward to more from you as our most uncertain future unfolds and AI one day, becomes self aware.""Hi Marco, I think Alpha Centauri Project could definitely be adapted for a film. The characters are strong and likeable for sci fi.""Captivating story, well-defined characters, interesting history chapters, fascinating theme and explosive end!""There is something majestic and fundamentally noble in someone that gives you his mind, his knowledge, his ideas and distribute relevant information in full for free.Thank you Marco Santini for giving us your wonderful book as a gift. The world is a better place because you are in it.I am enjoying it beyond than what words can express.""The Alpha Centauri Project is fascinating, to say the least. When the fine art of story telling combines with science fiction, one can be almost sure that something exciting would be the result. Let your imagination run wild and keep the good work up.""Wow. I’ve found a kindred spirit!""Shraddhey has told about you to all of our friend circle. He has read your e-book completely. You are becoming popular here sir! And also in the open source community! Whole of our hostel students are reading your book!""The beauty of digital is the fact of being limitless. You can create virtual worlds where to live, but at the same time you can download your own consciousness into androids who live in the real world, moreover you can exist forever and travel through space without worrying about the distances, because time is not an enemy. This absence of limits allows the author, with great imagination, to create an intricate and compelling story. If you want to imagine a distant future that is completely different from the present in which we live, "The Alpha Centauri project" can give you what you look for.""Marco Santini’s vision, invites us to reflect and analyze the human beings’ current prospects. The full immersion in science and technology is more and more invasive through artificial intelligence. Its rapid strides involve us in the society to such an extent that we are committed to a substantial technological world. We can hardly realize the penetration and dependency that this phenomenon exerts in general on our daily lives.For the first time Man wonders about his own existence and desperately seeks to transcend himself through knowledge and the access to the spaces of the vast universe. The end is extraordinary, full of emotion and positivity. This novel is essential in the patrimony of any reader interested in a new view of science fiction, where science exceeds by far the imagination of any writer.""Mil felicidades por la fascinante psicología que le has otorgado a tus personajes Eve y Victoria, en tu novela The Alpha Centauri Project.""He leído nuevamente la novela. Los textos la hacen muy dinámica y te atrapan de inmediato de principio a fin. Espero que un día sea llevada al cine.""Yo ya lo leí. Te lo recomiendo ampliamente. Si el prólogo es interesante, el líbro lo es aún más. En él encontré una interesante propuesta futurista muy a doc con los temas actuales de ciencia ficción.""Hermoso y emotivo relato... He descubierto una nueva faceta tuya . Tú profunda sensibilidad hacia las emociones y sentimientos que puede desencadenar la obra de arte. Pero sobre todo, tu extraordinaria capacidad para escribir dichas emociones. Como escritor de ciencia ficción ya nos has mostrado tu gran potencial, ahora tenemos el placer de leerte en el género del “cuento de corte futurista” y lo haces también con gran acierto. ¡Felicidades!""Un aporte extraordinario a la literatura de ciencia ficción, una impresionante visión del futuro para todos tus lectores y un invaluable estímulo para los investigadores y científicos de todo el mundo.""Un livre de Marco Santini à lire absolument :) Votre Roman est passionnant , Marco , et vous êtes un grand écrivain de science fiction , aussi je désire que mes amis partagent votre vision ! ""Merci. Sans vous, je n'aurai peut être pas lu le livre , j'adore!! Merci Marco Santini pour cette œuvre passionnante.""Oh! non , c'est moi qui te remercie d'avoir autant de talent ,et je suis une lectrice exigeante ,mais là, je suis totalement sous le choc , j'aimerai lire la suite ...""Cette nouvelle est totalement captivante , et de plus pour ceux qui désirent , vous avez une excellente traduction française , je l'ai lu !""Marco dans l'élaboration de son ouvrage a su conjuguer sa fantaisie de visionnaire et sa rationalité scientifique. Il réussit de cette façon à anticiper les temps de l'histoire et à nous montrer ce que deviendra l'humanité à la moitié de notre siècle! Si vous êtes curieux de découvrir ce que nous serons déchargez gratuitement ce roman fantastique et bonne lecture!""Ho letto il tuo romanzo "Progetto Alfa Centauri" e devo dire di esserne rimasto affascinato: il tuo stile visionario e al tempo stesso raffinato mi ha "trasportato" in un lontano futuro, a contemplare la civiltà umana durante la sua ennesima "trasformazione" ed "espansione", in simbiosi con il "mondo" degli Esseri digitali. Nel tuo lavoro c'è tutto: cyberpunk, space opera e fantapolitica. E' un romanzo di SF davvero completo, scritto con dovizia di particolari ma al tempo stesso scorrevole. In poche parole, mi è piaciuto molto. Sei davvero in gamba.""Sono rimasto affascinato e al contempo rapito dal racconto. Mi sono sentito "immerso" nella storia e spesso ho colto l'ansia e la gioia dei protagonisti. Sono letteralmente senza parole... Complimenti all'autore. Ora mi tuffo nel secondo libro!""Bello, spaventosamente reale, ineluttabilmente veritiero.La trama è semplice e snella ma l'ambientazione invita spesso a riflettere su chi siamo e dove (vogliamo?) andare.Senza dubbio una lettura coinvolgente, dal gran ritmo e che invoglia a riflettere ponendoci problemi che troppo spesso per comodità tendiamo a nascondere sotto il materasso.""Fantastico! Stupendo! Da leggere tutto d'un fiato!!! Il miglior racconto di fantascienza che abbia letto da parecchio tempo... Una nuova frontiera dell'immaginazione!""Il suo stile è avvincente e incalzante di quelli che ti incollano alla lettura. Gli scenari ipotizzati sono meravigliosi e coinvolgenti. Grazie per avermi reso partecipe di questo viaggio e di questa avventura.Mi viene a mente una frase letta nel libro di Edgar Morin "Conoscenza ignoranza mistero" in cui soteneva che è la vita stessa che sfugge alla morte moltiplicandosi all'infinito.""Un bellissimo romanzo con una interessante visione del nostro prossimo futuro inteso come umanità. Il sogno di immortalità' che anch'io sono convinto un giorno sarà realizzabile attraverso il download della nostra memoria in digitale.""Il tuo romanzo ha lasciato in me un segno profondo e lo consiglio sempre a tutti i miei amici appassionati di Science Fiction.""Complimenti libro stupendo che apre scenari incredibili e futuristici su un mondo avvenire che, chissà, forse rispecchieranno i dettati di questo splendido romanzo."**********CONSIDERATIONSAccording to future studies, the world will be dominated soon by disruptive technologies, able to plunge humankind into an era of accelerated progress. Main outcomes will be the achievement of immortality, the creation of smarter than human artificial intelligences and the spread of the new species through the universe.“Dreaming immortality” is a breathtaking story set in this near future altered almost beyond recognition by technology. Social and ethical issues as well as dreams and projects of the digital people are key drivers of the story. For digital beings aiming at eternal life, truth and collaboration are primary values; seeking exponential growth in knowledge and technology, avoiding conflicts and spreading into the universe their goals.The passionate scenarios make the reader share the soul of the digital civilization. From this, a powerful comparison with our world emerges, that stripping away layer after layer of conventions and prejudices, leaves us at last face to face with the morals of a world that one day we might share.Eve and Victoria, the main characters, are humans whose brain was digitized after death. They move in this context of epoch-making events, searching for identity. They become more and more involved in the hardship of the digital community to the point of rising to leaders. Finally, in a crescendo of drama, they merge their destiny with that of their new people.End of the 21st century. Humans live on Earth and the Moon, last strongholds of their past power. Mars and the Net are inhabited by artificial intelligences and souls, these last obtained by digitizing the brain after death. The virtual reality allows the two races to communicate. Their differences are deep, their interest irreconcilable.With biotechnology and digitization, humans have postponed real death to an indeterminate future, but they are not happy. Towards the virtual beings they feel admiration but also inferiority and envy.The digital creatures instead cannot bear being relegated in worlds too small for their unbounded ambitions. Their Martian experience has allowed them to develop the competence necessary in extra-terrestrial environments, most of all to acquire the self-confidence indispensable for the colonization of other star systems. The Alpha Centauri project is born.The mission obtains the humans’ support. In exchange the digital beings abandon the idea of expanding on the Earth. Just before departure, Earth Security intercepts a suspect message from the Space Agency. Terrorism? The evidence leads to the Elects, a sect that entered Net years before through a collective suicide...A script is also available. The novel is in English, French, Italian and can be downloaded FOR FREE from Smashwords.Copyright Marco Santini**********Thanks to my friends, who over time have supported me with their engagement and enthusiasm:José Luis Cordeiro -- Dalla Palma - , Danaylov -- Rossi, iLabs -- Morales y Mori -- Geremias - D.Smith -- Zanellato -- to Isabel Mendonça Alves.**********ABOUT THE AUTHORMarco Santini graduated in Engineering and specialized in Business Administration. Deeply interested in high-tech trends, he has written “The Alpha Centauri Project”, “Evolution: the future” and "Dreaming immortality", novels depicting a near future dominated by technology. He has made the ebooks free and downloadable in several languages, in order to share their content with the widest audience and to contribute to discussion about great themes. Script available.Member of:Millenium Project -- Foundation -- -- States Trashumanist Party

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