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L’Augmentation du parti Nazi
L’Augmentation du parti Nazi
L’Augmentation du parti Nazi
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L’Augmentation du parti Nazi

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Peu auraient cru que le Parti Nazi, en commençant comme un gang de soldats sans emploi en 1919, deviendrait le gouvernement juridique de l'Allemagne en 1933. En quatorze ans, un obscur caporal, Adolf Hitler, deviendrait le Chancelier d'Allemagne.

Release dateJun 7, 2011
L’Augmentation du parti Nazi

Kristina Howells

I am a published author and poet. I currently live in Calais in France, I am a British expat. I have written non-fiction and fiction works. I design all my book covers, and I have become an online judge of ebooks. My works include: A Hatter goes Mad Te Deum Una voce Lettre Fatale Making sense of the Genesis Flood Making sense of the Life of Christ Law and Gospel Les Delices de Calais Short stories Poetry Since my publishers have gone out of business due to the credit crisis I am now self publishing using to help me. It is easy to publish without paying for it when you know how. All my works are found on amazon. If you wish to contact me please do not hesitate all queries will be answered.

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