Esta Naranja
Esta Naranja
Esta Naranja
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Esta Naranja

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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Roberta Gould is the author of 11 books of poetry, including: Louder Than Seeds, Pacing the Wind and What History Trammels.
Gould's poems have appeared in many poetry journals such as Green Mountain Review, Confrontation, and The Manhattan Poetry Review, in many Poetry Anthologies, The New York Times, and in numerous online publications.
Roberta Gould attended Brooklyn College, The National University of Mexico and The University of California in Berkley where she received an MA in Romance Languages. She enjoys playing the music of Baroque and classical composers at the piano. Gould feels that living in the Hudson River Valley has inspired her to deepen her awareness of geology and plant anatomy.


“I enjoy the whimsy-the amazing range and variety. Gould sifts our whole civilization in a mere stanza and gets it right” Kati Millett

“Lively , fresh, unpredictable, your vital poems strike chords.” X. J. Kennedy

"Roberta Gould's themes move from the natural world to the historical and political, to art and love engaging the reader with the passion and precision of her language." Jacques Travers

"Gould's work is concise and communicative and should be considered for any comprehensive collection of present day poetry."
The Library Journal:Choice

PublisherRoberta Gould
Release dateApr 12, 2011
Esta Naranja
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