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Fay and the book of Truth
Fay and the book of Truth
Fay and the book of Truth
Ebook322 pages3 hours

Fay and the book of Truth

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About this ebook

Barely six months after the great victory over the host Army Fairy Dark Prince, as his friends and new adventures: now they will find a cave of the Great Books of Truth. A few months the young man sees the same dream: the story of a world which is described in detail in the Book of Truth. At the very end, when everything was ready, someone invisible makes changes to the map of the perfect world and brings confusion and dissension. The ending of this story is a fiery monogram imposed by stealth, to once and for all to strengthen the world's evil and war. Fairy dream - rent a monogram, and return the world its first-born pure. For this he is ready to go into a new, full of exciting adventure travel.

On the way to the cave of books, he and his friends meet lots of interesting creatures: the barbarians, once vanquished boys leshego. They fall into the hands of the witches, where he soon found new friends who help them find the tower Slontsa sage, who certainly knows how to get to the cave book is true.

Witches, flying cat, two master magician and convince the youth that change the past - the wrong way. That is why, having reached a rock and went upstairs, none of my friends are hesitant to make any changes to the book. However, during his journey, they make important: give hope to the hopeless and sow good. And already they are doing this world a better and cleaner than that immediately reflected in the great book of truth.

PublisherIouri Haller
Release dateFeb 8, 2011
Fay and the book of Truth
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