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Exfoliantes de Azúcar Hechos en Casa
Exfoliantes de Azúcar Hechos en Casa
Exfoliantes de Azúcar Hechos en Casa
Ebook82 pages31 minutes

Exfoliantes de Azúcar Hechos en Casa

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About this ebook

Aprenda hacer tus propios Exfoliantes de Azucar hecho en casa. Este libro enseña recetas de exfoliantes faciales y exfoliantes corporales necesario para obtener piel super suave.

Release dateDec 9, 2013
Exfoliantes de Azúcar Hechos en Casa
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Jennifer Stepanik

Jennifer Stepanik has been in what she calls the Glamour industry, for more than 20 years. Jennifer has trained as an aesthetician, hair and makeup artist, as well as personal image consultant and colour consultant. She ran her own beauty salon; worked in multiple aspects of hair makeup and styling- from photo shoots, corporate events, and getting talent ready for TV shows to special events and bridal work.Her appreciation for aesthetics was enhanced by her art practice. This practice has given her not only a deep understanding of the principles of art, but also an avenue for authentic self expression.This, combined with a heart based meditation practice has helped Jennifer to move her love of all things beauty and style related, out of her head and into her heart. Providing a more profound and transformative relationship with an industry that is often seen as superficial.Jennifers most recent book is titled When Glamour Meets Gratitude: Your Style Companion to a Healthy Self-ImageYou can find out more about her at or her youtube channel @GlamourNationbyJen

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