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Unaccounted Factor (in Russian language)
Unaccounted Factor (in Russian language)
Unaccounted Factor (in Russian language)
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Unaccounted Factor (in Russian language)

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About this ebook

Yudgar Onoby broke the order in his first fight and was expelled from the Federation Space Navy. Being a son of Beckaellian and earth man, he possessed some special gifts. Yudgar tried to adapt himself to the civil life. But he had no idea that sometimes such civil life could be as dangerous as the fights for the far space outposts.

This book is written in Russian language.

Release dateMar 7, 2013
Unaccounted Factor (in Russian language)

Sergey Zaytsev

Сергей Зайцев - современный российский автор, пишущий в жанре приключенческой фантастики. Его романы обладают захватывающим сюжетом и динамичным развитием событий, а его фантастические миры тщательно проработаны — вживаясь в них, веришь, что они действительно существуют. Но, несмотря на колоритный антураж и особые способности, которыми обладают его персонажи, в центре его романов всегда человек и его проблемы, поэтому его романы будут интересны самому широкому кругу читателей. В настоящее время Сергей Зайцев является автором 11 романов и живет в Волгограде. Sergey Zaytsev is a modern Russian author who writes his novels in genre of adventure science-fiction. His novels have breathtaking plots and dynamic events, and his fantastic worlds are worked out in details. Having immersed into them, any reader believes that they really exist. But in spite of the picturesque surroundings of the fantastic reality and special abilities, which the characters have, the core all of his novels is always a man and his problems. So his novels will be interesting for very wide circle of readers. Sergey is the author of 11 science-fiction novels, and he lives in Volgograd.

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