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Mobbing Geht Alle An
Mobbing Geht Alle An
Mobbing Geht Alle An
Ebook30 pages21 minutes

Mobbing Geht Alle An

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About this ebook

Das Werk beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema Mobbing in Schulen.
Der Autor hat in seiner Schulzeit selber Erfahrungen mit dem Thema gemacht und diese nun in einem eigenen Werk eindringlich geschildert und analysiert.
Es ist ein Werk, das zum Nachdenken und zur Diskussion anregen soll.

Release dateFeb 26, 2013
Mobbing Geht Alle An

Wolfgang Wilhelm Ulrich

Wolfgang Wilhelm Ulrich was born in Frankfurt/M in Germany in 1967. After his schooltime he studied classical philology for some years without graduation. Then he made a vocational retraining and graduated as a tax accountant. Later he had his own business, before he decided to go to the philippines to live there for a while and become an author. When he came back to Germany he continued with writing because it has become a good habit He writes about erotics, philosophy, social topics and sometimes also other topics.

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