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Which Article?
Which Article?
Which Article?
Ebook15 pages8 minutes

Which Article?

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About this ebook

This book is intended for learners of English or test takers who need to review grammar rules but also for any reader who wishes to extend their knowledge of this language.
The articles represent a challenging grammar point to master when learning English. Knowing when to use ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ or when not to use them can be difficult to understand and apply both in spoken and written English.

“Which Article?” will make the readers feel more confident when using the articles of the English language.

PublisherAdriana Mucea
Release dateFeb 6, 2013
Which Article?
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Adriana Mucea

I live in Sydney, Australia, and I am a teacher of English and English as a Second Language. I also have experience in teaching IELTS preparation courses and marking the Reading and Listening sections of the IELTS exam. When I am not planning lessons or writing, I like to read books or watch movies.

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