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Fate of Humanity
Fate of Humanity
Fate of Humanity
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Fate of Humanity

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About this ebook

This book explains the existence of pre-Sumerian civilization. Surely, many know about the indirect evidence of its existence, but nobody had tried to connect all the disembodied, unexplainable data in the framework of one theory. Who and when built the pyramids? Why were they constructed? Why and when were the megaliths built? How did the human come to existence and why does humanity have four races? Had the Deluge really happened? Was there the City of Atlantis and where is it? What did the Mayans predict? Where did the moon come from, etc.

To produce this theory, the knowledge of a myriad branches of science were required, including sociology and psychology. There is a great deal of mysteries in the science of the Solar System, but within the framework of this theory it is possible to give them logical explanations and to link them together with the mysteries of archaeology, geology, sumerology etc. into one logical chain.

Release dateJun 25, 2012
Fate of Humanity

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