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Consuelo, Tome 2 (1861)
Consuelo, Tome 2 (1861)
Consuelo, Tome 2 (1861)
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Consuelo, Tome 2 (1861)

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Release dateNov 27, 2013
Consuelo, Tome 2 (1861)

George Sand

George Sand is the pen name of Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, a 19th century French novelist and memoirist. Sand is best known for her novels Indiana, Lélia, and Consuelo, and for her memoir A Winter in Majorca, in which she reflects on her time on the island with Chopin in 1838-39. A champion of the poor and working classes, Sand was an early socialist who published her own newspaper using a workers’ co-operative and scorned gender conventions by wearing men’s clothing and smoking tobacco in public. George Sand died in France in 1876.

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