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La batalla de las drogas
La batalla de las drogas
La batalla de las drogas
Ebook68 pages47 minutes

La batalla de las drogas

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About this ebook

This book by Dr. Lucas Leys discusses possibly one of the most controversial subjects that you may ever have to confront, and it could arise at anytime. This was written for young people who struggle with this challenge or who may have friends who are struggling with this.On these pages you will find an abundance of statistics and a variety of study questions designed to make you stop and think. The author believes that ignorance is not good counsel and that this generation will not be satisfied with just being told that something is bad unless they receive a coherent and honest explanation.This sharpshooting book is written by one of the most renowned leaders and youth specialists of this new generation.
Release dateSep 24, 2013
La batalla de las drogas

Lucas Leys

El doctor Lucas Leys es considerado una de las máximas autoridades en ministerio juvenil en el mundo. Es presidente de Especialidades Juveniles, el ministerio especializado en pastoral juvenil de mayor crecimiento en el mundo de habla hispana y autor de más de veinte libros en temas de liderazgo y juventud.

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