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Jamaica: A Taste of the Island
Jamaica: A Taste of the Island
Jamaica: A Taste of the Island
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Jamaica: A Taste of the Island

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One of two books in an exciting new series for the gourmet traveler - or just about anyone who enjoys mouth-watering island cuisine! This unique combination travel-food guidebook introduces you to the delicious cuisine of Jamaica. (The other book is Bahamas: A Taste of the Islands) First off, it takes a look at the island's culinary roots, seeing what has influenced the cuisine and the local ingredients that make it unique. The authors then detail the best places to eat - the largest section of the book - from five-star resorts to plush hotel restaurants to independently owned establishments. Telephone numbers, address, dress code, and reservation suggestions are given. Annual food festivals and culinary contests are listed.

If you're staying home but wish you were Jamaica-bound, cook up one of the many recipes offered. Ingredient substitution charts are provided for hard-to-find island foods, and mail order resources are also given. Interviews with local chefs offer tips for the best results. As you're preparing your meal, fix yourself one of the tasty island cocktails featured!
Release dateMar 19, 2009
Jamaica: A Taste of the Island

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