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Introducing Postmodernism
Introducing Postmodernism
Introducing Postmodernism
Audiobook (abridged)1 hour

Introducing Postmodernism

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Postmodernism seemed to promise an end to the grim Cold War era of nuclear confrontation and oppressive ideologies. The notoriously proclaimed ‘end of history’, the triumph of liberal democracy over Communist tyranny, proved to be an illusion, and we awoke in the anxious grip of globalization, unpredictable terrorism and unforeseen war. Has the twenty-first century resolved the question of postmodernism or are we more than ever ensnared in its perplexities? Recorded in association with Icon Books.
Release dateMar 1, 2005
Introducing Postmodernism

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