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Fábulas de Esopo, Vol. 5
Fábulas de Esopo, Vol. 5
Fábulas de Esopo, Vol. 5
Audiobook34 minutes

Fábulas de Esopo, Vol. 5

Written by Aesop

Narrated by LibriVox Community

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

The classic Aesop's Fables have been translated to every language for hundreds of years. The fables, told in the form of allegories, give us universal, worldly advice. The use of animals and ancient gods makes the lessons unbiased and impartial. Short and smart, these fables entertain and enrich our lives. In this volume you will find 30 of the 300 fables we offer you in Spanish.

Las clásicas Fábulas de Esopo han sido traducidas a todos idiomas por cientos de años. Las fábulas, en forma de alegorias, nos dan consejos en una forma universal. El uso de animales y dioses antiguos hace que las lecciones sean imparcial. Cortitas y sabias, cada fábula nos entretiene y enriquese nuestras vidas. En este volúmen encontrará 30 de las 300 fábulas que le ofrecemos en Español.

Release dateAug 25, 2014
Fábulas de Esopo, Vol. 5


Although the three hundred fables in his famous collection are attributed to Aesop, and his name is synonymous with the form, it seems unlikely he was in fact anything more than a legendary figure. While some historical accounts maintain he was a slave with a prodigious talent for story-telling who lived during the sixth century B.C., many believe it unlikely that this whole stock of fables can be attributed to one individual. What does seem clear though is that the fables began their life being orally transmitted before being put down in writing.

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