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Mare au diable
Mare au diable
Mare au diable
Audiobook3 hours

Mare au diable

Written by George Sand

Narrated by LibriVox Community

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About this audiobook

Sur l'avis de son beau-père, malgré sa réticence, le laboureur Germain, veuf de vingt-huit ans, va se rendre à Fourche pour rencontrer celle qui deviendra peut-être la nouvelle mère de ces trois petits enfants, la fille du père Léonard, jeune veuve elle aussi.
Apprenant ce déplacement, la mère Guillette demande qu'il emmène avec lui sa fille, Marie, qui s'en va travailler comme bergère dans la région.
En cours de route, la nuit tombe. Le brouillard se lève et les voilà perdus, dans les bois, au bord d'une mare...

His father-in-law insisting upon it, Germain goes to Fourche to meet a young widow who might become the new mother of his three children.
Doing so, he accompanies Marie, a young girl from his village, who is going to work on a farm in that area.
As the night comes, they get lost in a wood, next to a pool...

(Summary by Ezwa)
Release dateAug 25, 2014
Mare au diable

George Sand

George Sand is the pen name of Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, a 19th century French novelist and memoirist. Sand is best known for her novels Indiana, Lélia, and Consuelo, and for her memoir A Winter in Majorca, in which she reflects on her time on the island with Chopin in 1838-39. A champion of the poor and working classes, Sand was an early socialist who published her own newspaper using a workers’ co-operative and scorned gender conventions by wearing men’s clothing and smoking tobacco in public. George Sand died in France in 1876.

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