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Written by Jules Verne

Narrated by LibriVox Community

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About this audiobook

Kéraban-le-Têtu est un roman de Jules Verne paru en 1883, décrivant les tribulations d'un vendeur de tabac turc (Kéraban) et d'un de ses clients hollandais autour de la mer Noire.

Ce roman d'aventure est un des plus comiques et des moins connus de Jules Verne. L'auteur exploite avec talent la mollesse du commerçant batave et le caractère inflexible de Kéraban.

Kéraban the Inflexible is an adventure novel written by Jules Verne.

(from Wikipedia)

Release dateAug 25, 2014

Jules Verne

Jules Verne (1828-1905) used a combination of scientific facts and his imagination to take readers on extraordinary imaginative journeys to fantastic places. In such books as Around the World in Eighty Days, From the Earth to the Moon, and Journey to the Center of the Earth, he predicted many technological advances of the twentieth century, including the invention of the automobile, telephone, and nuclear submarines, as well as atomic power and travel to the moon by rocket.

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