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Ein Hungerkünstler und andere Erzählungen
Ein Hungerkünstler und andere Erzählungen
Ein Hungerkünstler und andere Erzählungen
Audiobook2 hours

Ein Hungerkünstler und andere Erzählungen

Written by Franz Kafka

Narrated by Gerd Udo Feller

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About this audiobook

Diese Erzählungen Franz Kafkas sind Klassiker der Moderne. Daß Kafka in seinem Testament neben den bereits veröffentlichten Werken allein den „Hungerkünstler“ von einer Vernichtung ausnahm, zeigt, wie wichtig ihm persönlich dieser Text war und wie sehr er sich als Künstler in der paradoxen Situation eines Hungernden gesehen hat: Die Verwirklichung der Kunst hebt das Leben auf, im Moment des Todes hat der Hungerkünstler seinen größten Sieg errungen. Auch in den anderen Erzählungen ist auf verrätselte Weise von dem Verhältnis Kunst – Künstler – Publikum die Rede.
These stories by Franz Kafka are true modern classics. Kafaka including a passage in his testament that exempted “Ein Hungerkünstler” (A Hunger Artist) from the unpublished works he wanted to be destroyed, shows how important that particular story was to him personally. It might also point to his own feeling as an artist, analogous to the paradox situation of suffering from hunger: The realization of art nullifies life, in the moment of his death the hunger artist achieves his greatest victory. The other stories included in this recording also enigmatically revolve around the relationship of art, artists and the audience.
Release dateMay 21, 2001
Ein Hungerkünstler und andere Erzählungen

Franz Kafka

Born in Prague in 1883, the son of a self-made Jewish merchant, Franz Kafka trained as a lawyer and worked in insurance. He published little during his lifetime and lived his life in relative obscurity. He was forced to retire from work in 1917 after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, a debilitating illness which dogged his final years. When he died in 1924 he bequeathed the – mainly unfinished – manuscripts of his novels, stories, letters and diaries to his friend the writer Max Brod with the strict instruction that they should be destroyed. Brod ignored Kafka’s wishes and organised the publication of his work, including The Trial, which appeared in 1925. It is through Brod’s efforts that Kafka is now regarded as one of the greatest novelists of the twentieth century.

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