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Der Nobelpreis
Der Nobelpreis
Der Nobelpreis
Audiobook6 hours

Der Nobelpreis

Written by Andreas Eschbach

Narrated by Stephan Benson

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Hans-Olof Andersson, Mitglied des Nobelpreiskomitees, wird erpresst: Er soll für eine ganz bestimmte Nobelpreis-Kandidatin stimmen oder seine Tochter muss sterben. Was niemand weiß: Gunnar Forsberg, der Bruder seiner verstorbenen Frau, ist ein knallharter Einbrecher und Industriespion, der keine Rücksicht kennt, wenn es um seine letzte lebende Angehörige geht. Gunnar macht sich auf die Jagd nach den Erpressern. Doch mit dem, was er herausfindet, hätte niemand gerechnet ...
PublisherLübbe Audio
Release dateMay 1, 2009
Der Nobelpreis

Andreas Eschbach

Andreas Eschbach studied aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart and later founded his own IT consulting company before becoming a full-time writer. Several of his novels, including The Jesus Video and One Trillion Dollars, became nationwide bestsellers in Germany. He has been awarded both the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis, Germany’s most prestigious science fiction award for best science fiction novel, and the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis several times. The Carpetmakers, his only other book translated into English, was listed as one of the best science fiction books of 2005 by and recommended by Locus Magazine. In 2002, his novel Jesus Video was adapted for German television. He lives with his wife in Brittany, France.

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