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The Big Guide [Russian Edition]
The Big Guide [Russian Edition]
The Big Guide [Russian Edition]
Audiobook9 hours

The Big Guide [Russian Edition]

Written by Composite authors

Narrated by Maria Antonova

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About this audiobook

Today it is difficult to find a man who at least once did not go on a trip - whether it's a budget vacation in the Crimea or a fashionable resort in the Mediterranean. Someone more, someone less, but travel all - and intending to visit a new country or city, the most correct decision will be to buy a guide and know in advance what is waiting for you.

That's why we publish this book, where we collected for you more than two hundred facts and stories about the most popular sights - after listening to it you will visit all corners of the world, get an idea of ??the greatest works of art and architecture, warm yourself under the sun on the best sandy beaches, From the life of the theatrical, industrial, religious capitals, visit the fortified cities.

Here is just a small list of cities, which will be discussed in our guide: New York, Berlin, Munich, Helsinki, Prague, Rome and the Vatican, Paris, London, Madrid, Ottawa, Jerusalem and many others! The whole world is in one audiobook!
PublisherAB Publishing
Release dateJul 28, 2017
The Big Guide [Russian Edition]

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