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Essay über Paul Heyse
Essay über Paul Heyse
Essay über Paul Heyse
Audiobook26 minutes

Essay über Paul Heyse

Written by Theodor Fontane

Narrated by Karl Rudolf Menke

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About this audiobook

Dieses Essay stammt aus der Familien-Zeitschrift "Gartenlaube" aus dem Jahr 1867. Theodor Fontane berichtet über seine erste Begegnung mit Paul Heyse im Hause Kugler und den Gesprächen.

Regie: Heinz Nesselrath
Release dateApr 5, 2015
Essay über Paul Heyse

Theodor Fontane

Theodor Fontane (1819-98) was a German novelist and potitical reporter. He began writing novels - now his best known works - at the age of 57. Fontane once said that 'women's stories are generally far more interesting' , and the story of Effi Briest (1894), is considered his masterpiece.

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