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Das zweite Gedächtnis
Das zweite Gedächtnis
Das zweite Gedächtnis
Audiobook5 hours

Das zweite Gedächtnis

Written by Ken Follett

Narrated by Frank Glaubrecht

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Ein Mann erwacht in einem dunklen, kalten Raum. Er öffnet die Augen und stellt fest, dass er auf dem Fußboden einer öffentlichen Toilette liegt. Und dass er sich an nichts mehr erinnern kann. Ohne einen Cent in der Tasche macht Luke, der Mann ohne Gedächtnis, sich daran herauszufinden, was mit ihm geschehen ist. Bald wächst in ihm der schreckliche Verdacht, dass der Verlust seiner Erinnerung nicht auf natürlichen Ursachen beruht. Hat er etwas gewusst, das so brisant war, dass man ihm die Vergangenheit raubte, um ihn zum Schweigen zu bringen?
PublisherLübbe Audio
Release dateMay 1, 2009
Das zweite Gedächtnis

Ken Follett

Ken Follett was born in Cardiff, Wales. Barred from watching films and television by his parents, he developed an early interest in reading thanks to a local library. After studying philosophy at University College London, he became involved in centre-left politics, entering into journalism soon after. His first thriller, the wartime spy drama Eye of the Needle, became an international bestseller and has sold over 10 million copies. He then astonished everyone with his first historical novel, The Pillars of the Earth, the story of the building of a medieval cathedral, which went on to become one of the most beloved books of the twentieth century. One of the most popular authors in the world, his many books including the Kingsbridge series and the Century trilogy - a body of work which together chronicles over a thousand years of history - and his latest novel Never - which envisages how World War III could happen - have sold more than 188 million copies. A father and husband, Ken lives with his wife in England and enjoys travelling the world when he can.

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