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Daniel Taylor und das dunkle Erbe
Daniel Taylor und das dunkle Erbe
Daniel Taylor und das dunkle Erbe
Audiobook4 hours

Daniel Taylor und das dunkle Erbe

Written by Monica Davis

Narrated by Nicolás Artajo

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Digitaler Roman in drei Teilen. Teil 1 - Daniel, der als Außenseiter an der Highschool nicht viel zu lachen hat, entdeckt plötzlich Gefühle für seine attraktive Klassenkameradin Vanessa. Und als ob das nicht bereits verwirrend genug wäre, geschehen auf einmal seltsame Dinge in seinem Leben. Seine Welt steht kopf, als er von seiner wahren Herkunft erfährt. Daniel wird von den Schatten eines dunklen Erbes eingeholt - ein Erbe, das ihm die Tür zu einer anderen Welt öffnet, der Welt der Dämonen ...
PublisherLübbe Audio
Release dateMar 28, 2013
Daniel Taylor und das dunkle Erbe

Monica Davis

For more than 20 years, Monica Davis has been enhancing the lives of small business owners and professionals. As a media mentor and trainer, and brand narrative strategist, Davis helps entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and professionals develop engaging stories and brand narratives, and craft signature marketing messages. Davis has helped hundreds of people in the non-profit and for-profit sectors develop their unique message, build profitable business relationships, and leave their mark on the world. Davis is also the author of Welcome to the Top: Secrets to Success from Leading Entrepreneurs. She's the publisher of Exceptional People Magazine -- a business and professional development magazine which provides inspiration, influence, and career and business-building strategies to professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The publication has been featured by hundreds of major news organizations, including Forbes, CNBC, Wall Street Select, Market Watch, ABC, and CBS. Her company, Atela Productions, Inc., received eight International Hermes Awards, including six Gold Awards for excellence in creativity and innovative marketing and communications. Atela is honored to be named among industry-leading brands such as AARP, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, Hilton, IBM, and Pepsi. Davis remains highly-involved with focused professionals, inspired entrepreneurs, and CEOs seeking to elevate their brand through storytelling and unforgettable brand narratives. Through exceptional media strategies and proven business advice, she is helping them transform their lives and companies, while also increasing awareness, credibility, and influence.

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