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Elias Portolu
Elias Portolu
Elias Portolu
Audiobook4 hours

Elias Portolu

Written by Grazia Deledda

Narrated by Silvia Cecchini

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About this audiobook

Romanzo scritto nel 1900 e poi ripubblicato nel 1928, tratta uno dei temi più cari all'autrice, cioè il concetto di peccato e di espiazione, e solo dopo quest'ultima giunge la pace.
Release dateNov 11, 2021

Grazia Deledda

Grazia Deledda (1871-1936) finished her formal education at 11. She published her first short story when she was 16 and her first novel, Stella D'Oriente in 1890 in a Sardinian newspaper when she was 19. Leaves Nuoro in 1899 and settles in Cagliari, the principal city of Sardinia where she meets the civil servant Palmiro Madesani who she marries in 1900 and they move to Rome. Grazia Deledda writes her best work between 1903-1920 and establishes an international reputation as a novelist. She wins the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926 and received it in a ceremony the following year.

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