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Личный опыт
Личный опыт
Личный опыт
Audiobook6 hours

Личный опыт

Written by Vladarg Delsat

Narrated by Yana Vachtina

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Юный демиург, едва научившийся создавать миры. Девочка из Великобритании и спасающий ее от боли брат. Детский доктор Елена Викторовна, холодная и вечно уставшая. И проказливая малышка Забава по прозвищу Тринадцатая, что меняет целые миры своими шалостями. Казалось бы, что может их объединять?


Но все меняется в миг, когда в едва родившемся мире проходит незаконный ритуал по изменению сути. Теперь для существования мира двое должны выжить. А одной запутавшейся душе предстоит исправить свою ошибку, обретя дар истинного целителя. Вот только сможет ли она пойти на жертвы ради спасения других людей? 


Release dateJul 4, 2023
Личный опыт

Vladarg Delsat

Vladarg Delsat is a celebrated author known for his insightful exploration of adversity and resilience. With a background marked by significant historical and personal challenges, his early life in the Soviet Union's Moldova under the shadow of conflict shaped his perspectives profoundly. Initially pursuing a career in medicine, specializing in paediatrics and focusing on rare diseases, his path took a dramatic turn due to his children's health crises linked to the Chernobyl disaster. This pivotal moment steered him towards the literary world. Beginning his writing career in the late 1990s, Delsat has since delved into themes close to his heart, such as the struggles of children with special needs and the impacts of societal prejudice, primarily writing in Russian. His literary work took a significant turn in 2023 with the publication of a therapeutic book in English, aimed at broadening the reach of his experiences and insights. Residing in Germany, Delsat is a father of three, whose life story encapsulates the essence of determination, familial devotion, and the capacity to transform profound challenges into a source of inspiration and understanding through his writings.

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