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Kirenai Fated Mates 1-3: Intergalactic Dating Agency
Kirenai Fated Mates 1-3: Intergalactic Dating Agency
Kirenai Fated Mates 1-3: Intergalactic Dating Agency
Audiobook11 hours

Kirenai Fated Mates 1-3: Intergalactic Dating Agency

Written by Tamsin Ley

Narrated by Stephen Borne

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A charity auction goes terribly wrong when aliens think they're buying human females instead of dates…

The first 3 books in the bestselling Kirenai Fated Mates (Intergalactic Dating Agency) series are now available as one convenient box set! One click and enjoy!

  •    ♥ Cultural misunderstandings ♥ •
  •    ♥ Alien abductions ♥ •
  •    ♥ Special alien body parts ♥ •
  •    ♥ Badass heroines ♥ •


An alien prince needs to produce an heir, and human females are supposed to be pliant and fertile. So he heads to Earth to buy one. But when his perfect match not only refuses to be owned, but also claims to be barren, Arazhi must choose. Will he follow his heart, or fulfill his duty?


An assassin is loose on Earth, and Zhiruto must stop him from killing again. Except the captivating, outspoken police officer assigned to help him turns out to be his one true mate. And the murderer has decided she's next on the hit list...


Iroth is stranded on a backwater planet called Earth. Forced to assume the shape of one of the human’s primitive four-legged pets, he seeks temporary refuge with a breathtaking human female - and his plan to escape goes to the dogs...

Don't miss out! Kirenai shapeshifters are known for the pleasure they give their bedmates, so grab your copy and start listening now!

Release dateFeb 24, 2023
Kirenai Fated Mates 1-3: Intergalactic Dating Agency

Tamsin Ley

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a biomedical engineer, but experimenting on lab rats doesn't always lead to a happily-ever-after. Now I blend my nerdy infatuation of science with character-driven romance to explore the ways in which love can be eternal and even monsters can find their mates.   When I'm not writing, I'll be in the garden or the kitchen, exploring Alaska with my husband, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I also love wine and hard apple cider, am mediocre at crochet, and have the cutest 12 pound bunny named Abigail. Interested in more about me? Join my VIP Club and get free books, notices, and other cool stuff!

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