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By His Hand
By His Hand
By His Hand
Audiobook1 hour

By His Hand

Written by William R. Perry

Narrated by William R. Perry

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

It began when Bill's hands began to cramp in odd and painful grips each morning. Soon he finds himself helpless as his body grows progressively more numb each day. His illness is a medical mystery. Although his mind is sharp and active, he can only watch as he inexplicably withers and decays into complete paralysis. 

Awaking on his 40th day in the hospital, his family and friends from church find that he is miraculously cured. Bill's hands and limbs have begun to move and feel, but they do so with a life all of their own. Bill is still trapped, defenseless within his own body. Whatever is controlling his actions has a dark and terrifying intent, yet no one sees beyond his miraculous healing.

Release dateFeb 17, 2023

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