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Zorn (Opcop-Gruppe 2): Thriller
Zorn (Opcop-Gruppe 2): Thriller
Zorn (Opcop-Gruppe 2): Thriller
Audiobook (abridged)8 hours

Zorn (Opcop-Gruppe 2): Thriller

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Ein renommierter plastischer Chirurg, ein albanischer Waffenhändler und ein tschechischer Politiker – eine grauenvolle Mordserie hält ganz Europa in Atem. Die Opcop-Gruppe, ein geheimes Team der Europol, ermittelt und stößt dabei nicht nur auf zwei parallele Serienkiller, sondern auch auf einen 80 Jahre zurückliegenden Vorfall auf der sibirischen Kannibaleninsel Nasino ...
Release dateFeb 26, 2013
Zorn (Opcop-Gruppe 2): Thriller

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    This thriller by the Opcop team was also very gripping, although the basic idea is very frightening.Various scientists are found murdered one after the other. The dead always occurs on a former prison island, with a message from the book of the Count of Monte Christo. It soon turns out that it is an act of revenge. But who is behind it and why? All scientists have in common that they were working on a research experiment in the former Soviet Union with the aim of artificially producing a tailor-made person.When looking for the culprit, the members of the Opcop team are also at great risk.