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Winning Emma
Winning Emma
Winning Emma
Audiobook1 hour

Winning Emma

Written by Rosie Chapel

Narrated by Rosie Chapel

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Randolph Craythorpe — Earl, covert operative, and occasional highwayman — believed his dalliance with Lady Felicity Hartwich would lead to marriage. It did, but not to him! The fortuitous arrival of an unwelcome guest provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little retaliation.

Emma Newbury accompanies her cousin, Lady Charity Anscombe, to London for the Christmas Season. Once there, she comes face to face with the three men who witnessed the humiliating aftermath of her father's disgrace — one of whom, to her irritation, has taken up residence in her dreams.

Their infrequent encounters only serve to confuse, but while winter tightens its grip on the city, what was inconceivable becomes the one thing for which they both yearn, yet bound by Society's rules, cannot admit.

As the snow falls, Randolph begins to understand that to win Emma, he will have to surrender.

Release dateJan 24, 2022
Winning Emma

Rosie Chapel

A latecomer to writing, but an avid reader all my life, I was persuaded by my hubby to channel my passion for all things ancient into a book. Despite a healthy amount of scepticism, I took a leap of faith, and The Pomegranate Tree was born. This one book became four, and is a tale spanning two thousand years and two continents, connecting the lives of two women and the two men who love them. Although the scenarios are fictional, each book is woven around historical events, include some romance and a twist While writing the above novels, I was captivated by the Regency Romance and a whole new series of books has resulted, set in an era which continues to fascinate me. In between all this, one or two contemporary romances refused to be ignored, so now I have three genres clamouring in my head. As I am also involved in several anthologies, a great honour, it can be chaotic at times - the various voices in my head are very insistent - but I wouldn't have it any other way. Born in the UK, I now live in Perth Australia, with my hubby and our three furkids. When not writing, I love catching up with friends, burying myself in a book (or three), discovering the wonders of Western Australia, or, and the best, a quiet evening at home with my husband, enjoying a glass of wine and a movie.

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