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Redemption: A Gripping Suspense Novel!
Redemption: A Gripping Suspense Novel!
Redemption: A Gripping Suspense Novel!
Audiobook11 hours

Redemption: A Gripping Suspense Novel!

Written by Stephanie Baldi

Narrated by Amy Deuchler

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Murder is the catalyst pushing Carrie Overton headlong into the arms of the hitman sent to kill her.

 Carrie Overton is in deep trouble. All she wanted to do was escape her alcoholic and drug-addicted mother and leave the memory of the son she lost behind. Carrie’s opportunity for freedom comes at a high price when she leaves home with Travis Montgomery, a man twenty years her senior. A man who harbors shocking secrets connected to her past.

After a botched robbery in which Travis forces her to help him steal two million dollars from a drug lord, leaves two people dead, Carrie decides to add a third victim to her list, and Travis is left lying on the floor. Eager to start over, Carrie takes the stolen money and travels to the small mountain town of Laurel, Pennsylvania, where she lies about her past and relaxes into her new life. Before long, Carrie’s lies are piling up, and her crimes are about to catch up to her.

Nicholas D’Angelo is at the top of his profession. Known as a ghost, a contract killer for one of the biggest drug lords in Miami, his assignment is simple. Find the people who stole the two million dollars, recover the money and eliminate them. 

With a hitman on her trail, Carrie is forced to make a choice. Trust the hitman who vows to disobey his orders and protect her. Or stay in Laurel and face the drug lord determined to end her life. Either one might kill her.

Release dateAug 7, 2020
Redemption: A Gripping Suspense Novel!

Stephanie Baldi

Nominated for Georgia Author of the Year!Stephanie grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach. Her love of writing began with Saturday trips with her mother to the small local library where children would gather to hear a story read by the local Librarian. After the story ended, Stephanie would pick out a book to take home and read. Throughout her teen and young adult years, Stephanie’s desire to write a novel of her own always simmered in the background. But it was not until years later after a career in Patient Accounting and a stint as a Licensed Realtor that her dreams of becoming a writer flourished with a move to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. It was there that her first novel, Redemption was born. Drawn to thriller and suspense novels, she is dedicated to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes, page-turning stories that keep you on the edge of your seat and are full of surprising twists. She resides at her lake home in Villa Rica, Georgia with her husband and two cats. She is delighted to have been nominated for Georgia Author of the Year for Redemption. Stephanie’s second novel, Retribution is the thrilling sequel to Redemption followed by Reckoning, the final book in the Sicario Files Trilogy. Her latest novel Mobbed Up was released in 2023 and she is hard at work on the sequel. You can find her online at wwwstephaniebaldi2com. Or follow her on Facebook and Twitter at sbauthor7.

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