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The Infinite-Infinite
The Infinite-Infinite
The Infinite-Infinite
Audiobook6 hours

The Infinite-Infinite

Written by MK Williams

Narrated by MK Williams

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Imagine waking up one morning to a better life: a beautifully stylized home, an elevated position at your job, a cleaner society. Oh, there's a catch - your boyfriend may be a murderer with access to the most powerful invention in human history.This is exactly how Nina Marks woke on August 8th. Kidnapped across the multiverse, Nina has to navigate her way home. An action-packed journey that will transport readers across several stops in the multiverse, this is a thrilling read for fans of Michael Crichton and the Sci-Fi Genre. See how these parallel universes came to be because of one critical change in history: what if Eleanor Roosevelt had been President? If you have enjoyed other alternative history thrillers like The Man In The High Castle and Underground Airlines, then The Infinite-Infinite should be at the top of your must-read list.

PublisherMK Williams
Release dateJun 5, 2020

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