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Chasing a Cure
Chasing a Cure
Chasing a Cure
Audiobook7 hours

Chasing a Cure

Written by R.M. Hamrick

Narrated by Shoshannah Kramer

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Audra no longer runs from zombies. She chases them. 

Eighteen-year-old Audra’s quick wit and fast feet keep her alive in the deep, zombie-filled South, but it doesn’t seem worth it if she can’t avert her sister’s decline into cannibalism. 

Audra’s only chance is to set up as a tagger, finding the wealthy’s wandering sick to be given Lysent Corp’s new antiviral. If she delivers on the steep quota, she’ll earn her sister’s cure. If she can’t, there might be another way – a cure in turn for bolstering a rebellion against Lysent Corp’s reign. 

Aloof Audra doesn’t play well with others and couldn’t care less who rules, but if she doesn’t successfully navigate this new world skirting both the power-hungry and the dead, she could lose her sister to either side.

Pushing the genre in a new direction, Chasing a Cure is a zombie-steeped sister saga with an end that will leave you reeling. 

PublisherR.M. Hamrick
Release dateJun 10, 2019
Chasing a Cure

R.M. Hamrick

Despite not completing algebra in high school, R.M. Hamrick escaped Georgia Tech with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She uses this combination of science and doggedness to inject a dose of plausibility into even the most outrageous of stories.Her published works include the zombie-filled Chasing a Cure trilogy and the space opera series, Atalan Adventures.Rebekah has planted roots in Savannah Georgia and enjoys its blend of liveliness and easiness. She is equipped with a husband who delivers mail, a dachshund who loves Christmas, a blue heeler who loves kefir, and a tortoise who burn-inates the countryside. She is a lover of science fiction, board games, and odd numbers.

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