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Made In London
Made In London
Made In London
Audiobook6 hours

Made In London

Written by Clare Lydon

Narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

When Love Calls, Will Eden Pick Up?

Single mum Heidi Hughes has been steering the ship solo since her little one, Maya, came along. She's mastered the art of nappy changes and bedtime stories, and now, she's set her sights on finding someone who's ready for their duo to become a trio.

PR guru Eden Price lives a life as meticulous as a royal butler's checklist. Everything has its perfect place – until Heidi waltzes in with her infectious chaos. The universe, it seems, has a sense of humour, bringing together the most unlikely of matches. As Eden's world of precision gets muddied, the question is: can the woman who never imagined family life find love with a ready-made one?

Dive into book six of the London Romance series for another scrumptious tale glazed with chocolate spread, British wit, unexpected twists and a finale to make your heart melt. Clare Lydon delivers another laugh-out-loud, feel-good story set in the heart of London.

PublisherCustard Books
Release dateJan 17, 2020
Made In London

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