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Whyte Knight: A Dr. Whyte Adventure
Whyte Knight: A Dr. Whyte Adventure
Whyte Knight: A Dr. Whyte Adventure
Audiobook8 hours

Whyte Knight: A Dr. Whyte Adventure

Written by CB Samet

Narrated by Leslie Howard

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

A biological weapon engineered for mass destruction could be unleashed at any moment.

When terrorists seize control of a genetically modified biological weapon, Emergency Room physician, Lillian Whyte, finds herself in the thick of danger. While her husband, CIA operative Sean Jennings, works to unravel the plotting terrorists, Lillian is swept into the deadly currents. As UN peace-keeping meeting approaches and lives are threatened, she may be the worlds only hope of stopping the release of the deadly disease.

"CB Samet is the master of the craft, exhibiting a great narrative style and a strong, captivating voice. I enjoyed a lot about this novel, including the well-paced, intriguing plot, the memorable characters, and the wonderful prose." —Readers' Favorite: Book Review (2017)

Release dateDec 16, 2019
Whyte Knight: A Dr. Whyte Adventure

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