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Sokrates Verteidigung (Apologie)
Sokrates Verteidigung (Apologie)
Sokrates Verteidigung (Apologie)
Audiobook1 hour

Sokrates Verteidigung (Apologie)

Written by Plato

Narrated by LibriVox Community

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About this audiobook

Platon (427 v. Chr.–348 v. Chr.) läßt Sokrates sein Leben darstellen und beurteilen sowie seine Einstellung zum Tod. Übersetzung durch Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768-1834) von 1805. (Summary by redaer)

This reading is in German.
An English version is available: The Apology of Socrates.
A French version is available: L’apologie de Socrate.
Release dateAug 25, 2014
Sokrates Verteidigung (Apologie)


Plato (aprox. 424-327 BC), a student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle, is commonly regarded as the centermost figure of Western philosophy. During the Classical period of Ancient Greece he was based in Athens where he founded his Academy and created the Platonist school of thought. His works are among the most influential in Western history, commanding interest and challenging readers of every era and background since they were composed.

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