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Double Life
Double Life
Double Life
Audiobook8 hours

Double Life

Written by Zari

Narrated by Soozi Cheyenne

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

When several of Diamond's people turn up dead, things become more complicated when her police contact tells her that her own alter ego, Alexis, is a person of interest in one of their deaths. It causes her to question which life is real—or if it is all her life now.

For the past ten years, Alexis Fox had been living a double life. She is a successful real estate agent and investor by day and a drug queenpin known as Diamond by night. But everything changes after the murder of her right-hand man, Hedrick, causing her two worlds to collide. As a result, she is forced to assume a more hands-on role in her illicit side business, and for the first time, the drug life is beginning to creep into her real life.

Consequently, her already contentious working relationship with Cynthia, the manager at her real estate office, becomes antagonistic, forcing her to wonder if there is more to it than just jealousy.
Release dateJan 16, 2024


From the “and guess what” stories she used to tell as a child to the poems and short stories she wrote, Zari has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. The dreams of this journalism major from Jacksonville, Florida came true with the publishing of her first novel, Absolute Power. She still lives in Jacksonville, where she is working on the sequel, Double Life.  

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