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Fierce Dreamer: A Novel
Fierce Dreamer: A Novel
Fierce Dreamer: A Novel
Audiobook10 hours

Fierce Dreamer: A Novel

Written by Linda Lafferty

Narrated by Lauren Ezzo

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

From the bestselling author of The Bloodletter’s Daughter comes a historical novel about a defiant seventeenth-century artist who dared to feed her passions and explore the limitless possibilities of art.

Born in the bustling artist quarter of Rome, Artemisia, daughter of renowned painter Orazio Gentileschi, is unavoidably drawn into a profession unheard of for women. With an innate grasp of color, light, and composition, and inspired by the mercurial Caravaggio, the fiery Artemisia embraces her calling with a precocious brilliance. But as a young woman, she also finds herself oppressed by a powerful patriarchy, and she is forced to endure emotional and physical abuse at the hands of men.

Until a shattering act of violence unleashes Artemisia’s righteous fury.

Refusing to be silenced and resolved to best men at their own games, Artemisia does what no woman had dared to do before. She fights back.

A bracing historical novel about a woman boldly at odds with her time, Fierce Dreamer explores the fearless determination that would fuel Artemisia Gentileschi’s most courageous works of art and make her independent voice a vital one for our own time.

Release dateMay 5, 2020
Fierce Dreamer: A Novel

Linda Lafferty

Linda Lafferty is the author of The Bloodletter’s Daughter, House of Bathory, Light in the Shadows, The Girl Who Fought Napoleon, and the Colorado Book Award winners The Drowning Guard and The Shepherdess of Siena. Her books have been translated into ten languages. She holds a doctorate in bilingual special education and taught in Spain for three years. Lafferty is also an avid equestrian and horse lover.

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