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You Are the Message
You Are the Message
You Are the Message
Audiobook (abridged)49 minutes

You Are the Message

Written by Roger Ailes

Narrated by Roger Ailes

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

America's presidents, senators and leading CEO's turn to Roger Ailes to get their message through. Become a great communicator. Learn how to inform, persuade, influence and entertain.

For decades, Roger Ailes has been on the inside - helping politicians, executives and movie stars face cameras, live audiences and tough reporters. Here are the secrets that can help you be at your best during meetings, negotiations, sales, speeches, the management of others, job interviews, and even television appearances.

Communications expert Roger Ailes takes you inside the world of winning with communication to help you get your message through today.
Release dateMay 13, 1988
You Are the Message

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