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Mixed Match
Mixed Match
Mixed Match
Audiobook7 hours

Mixed Match

Written by Mia Heintzelman

Narrated by Joy Beharie

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Get ready for an emotional adventure of new chances, choices, and life-altering changes in this high heat mistaken identity, insta-love romance about learning to trust again after heartache.

Sophia Kent used to be a badass knife-wielding chef. Nowadays, she's lucky if she can remember to put on a bra. Between the move to Portland and unpacking boxes, she's glad there's only one name on the title. Unfortunately, at the door there's a gorgeous messenger with a document claiming she's not the rightful owner.

Dead-set on getting his grandmother's house back, real estate investor Everett Monroe is determined to see the thief go down, even if he has to deliver the summons himself. Only, the beautiful mess at the door is charming, sexy--and nothing like the man whose family's been feuding with Everett's for generations.

He doesn't know whether she's a pawn or a player, and she doesn't know he's not just a messenger, so after a few "chance" meetings, when she enlists his help to find a location for her restaurant, he agrees. After all, in thirty days there's going to be a hearing granting him ownership and she'll be long gone. Except, somewhere between sunset mountain hikes, brilliantly lit musical bridges, and picturesque Japanese Gardens, a dangerous attraction weaves its way between the secrets and lies. Forced to confront the truth, Everett must ask himself what good a home is without the one you love to share it with.

Editor's Note

Messy Rom-Com...

The protagonists in Heintzelman’s “Mixed Match” are both striving to achieve their dreams, but taking very different paths there. While the book is a rom-com, with many traditional rom-com situations, it’s not all mistaken identities and hijinks; the characters are messy, sometimes wrong, and their respective goals speak to their sense of self. Heintzelman has a deft hand with dialogue, and it’s fun to watch this romance unfold.

Release dateJun 20, 2023

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