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Indomita (Untamed)
Indomita (Untamed)
Indomita (Untamed)
Audiobook11 hours

Indomita (Untamed)

Written by Hope Tarr

Narrated by Isolda Peguero

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Patrick O’Rourke es un duro escocés, y también un hombre de negocios de éxito, mientras
que lady Katherine Lindsey es una bella señorita inglesa, con clase y demasiados años para interesar a los solteros de su círculo. Sin embargo, cuando se ve chantajeada para aceptar un matrimonio de conveniencia con el atractivo escocés, enseñará al que ha de ser su marido otra cara.

Tras la precipitada boda, Rourke la aparta de los refinados y elegantes salones londinenses
para instalarla en su castillo de las Tierras Altas de Escocia, un lugar decrépito
que se cae a pedazos. Rourke está decidido a domar a su indómita esposa y llevársela a la
cama, y para lograrlo, la única guía con que cuenta es un ejemplar de La fierecilla domada,
de Shakespeare. Sin embargo, cuando la pasión se desate entre ellos, ¿quién será el domador y quién el domado?

Patrick O'Rourke is a rough and ready Scotsman, as well as a successful businessman, while Lady Katherine Lindsey is a beautiful English spinster, a gentlewoman. But when she finds herself blackmailed into accepting a marriage of convenience with the handsome Scot, she lets Rourke see another side of her.
Following a hasty wedding, Rourke sweeps a seething Lady Katherine from the elegant and refined drawing rooms of west London to his crumbling castle in the Scottish Highlands. The only guide Rourke has to wooing and bedding the reluctant spitfire he's taken to wife is a copy of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. But as passion sparks between them, Rourke finds he may well be the one in danger of being tamed.
TranslatorRosa Fragua
Release dateJul 13, 2021
Indomita (Untamed)

Hope Tarr

Hope Tarr is the award-winning author of twenty-five historical and contemporary romance novels. She also writes screenplays as Hope C. Tarr – Stolen Kiss with Emmy Award-winning producer and director Linda Yellen is in development – and women’s historical fiction as Hope Carey. Hope is a founder and curator of the original Lady Jane’s Salon® reading series in New York City. Launched in 2009, the Salon donates its net proceeds to the NYC charity, Women in Need, Inc. Visit Hope at her website at and follow her on Instagram @hopectarr and Twitter @hopetarr.

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