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Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor
Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor
Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor
Audiobook3 hours

Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor

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About this audiobook

In this brief and timely audiobook, best-selling authors and experts in their field look at what conspires against "a culture of candor" in organizations for disastrous results and suggest ways that leaders can achieve healthy honesty and openness.
In three separate essays the authors explore the lightening rod concept of "transparency" which has fast become the buzzword not only in business and corporate settings but in government and the social sector.
The audiobook starts with a preface by Warren Bennis, followed by three essays:
The New Transparency
Speaking Truth to Power
Creating a Culture of Candor
PublisherAscent Audio
Release dateMay 14, 2008
Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor

Warren Bennis

Warren Bennis is known around the world as the preeminent expert on the subject of leadership. He is University Professor of Business Administration and Founding Chairman of The Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California and serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University’s Kennedy School. His bestselling books Leaders and On Becoming a Leader have been translated into 21 languages. The Financial Times named Leaders one of the top 50 business books of all time. He has served on four Presidential Advisory Boards and has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Ford, and Starbucks.

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