Orcs: Bad Blood
Orcs: Bad Blood
Orcs: Bad Blood
Audiobook9 hours

Orcs: Bad Blood

Written by Stan Nicholls

Narrated by John Lee

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

When the Orcs discovered a world filled with their own kind, they thought they would live there till the end of their days. But the appearance of an unlikely ally will change everything.

This ally-a human-tells of the atrocities being visited upon Orcs back in the other world. He implores Stryke and his companions to come back so that they may save their kind from extinction and wreak vengeance upon the humans who've wronged them.

But can this human be trusted? Is he a rare friend to the Orc-or is he there to lure them back for their own personal annihilation?
Release dateDec 2, 2010
Orcs: Bad Blood

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