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False Queen
False Queen
False Queen
Audiobook11 hours

False Queen

Written by Nikki Jefford

Narrated by Em Eldridge

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

He gave her his loyalty. Will he give her his heart?

I married a murderer. A Fae king who claimed me to punish his family.

My in-laws may be beautiful and cruel, but their cousins are far worse. The vile tyrants would bury us all with a laugh and a smile if it meant taking Liri's kingdom from him. They refuse to accept a human as Queen of Dahlquist. They want me gone.

When things turn perilous, who does Liri turn to? "Sweet Aerith", of course. I love my elven sister-in-law, but I'm afraid Liri still does, too. More than my heart is at stake. The entire kingdom is at risk of falling into treacherous hands.

Shocking family secrets will be revealed. Aerith, Melarue, and Hensley all return in the exciting follow-up to Stolen Princess.

Contains mature themes.
Release dateSep 18, 2019
False Queen

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