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Sex & Samosas
Sex & Samosas
Sex & Samosas
Audiobook8 hours

Sex & Samosas

Written by Jasmine Aziz

Narrated by Jasmine Aziz

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Sometimes just accepting an invitation can be an act of bravery. Have you ever been to a sex party? It will change your life! Leena's traditional South Asian mother is constantly nagging her to lose weight and get pregnant, her husband of five years feels more like a roommate than a lover and she has the sinking feeling she's never had an orgasm. But other than that, life is fine. That is until she attends a sex party and is inspired by what she learns. Leena feels empowered, which sets in motion her journey of self-discovery and personal transformation - everything from using a vibrator for the first time to wearing a g-string and a provocative incident with a samosa that has even her husband rethinking oral sex! In trying to discover who she truly is, will Leena suffer the backlash of her community, and worse her own mother?

Release dateDec 12, 2022
Sex & Samosas

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