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Der Soldat Woyzeck gehört zur untersten Gesellschaftsschicht, ist arm, ungebildet und fühlt sich hilflos den Schikanen seiner Dienstherren preisgegeben. Der Sold ist so gering, dass er versuchen muss, sich auf jede nur erdenkliche Art Geld zu verdienen. Seinen Hauptmann rasiert er täglich, und hier bekommt er allerhand Sticheleien zu hören, etwa Zitat: Oh. Er ist dumm, ganz abscheulich dumm! Woyzeck. Er ist ein guter Mensch - aber (mit Würde) Woyzeck.
Release dateNov 11, 2020

Georg Büchner

Karl Georg Büchner (17 October 1813 – 19 February 1837) was a German dramatist and writer of poetry and prose. He was also a revolutionary, a natural scientist, and the brother of physician and philosopher Ludwig Büchner. He was a major forerunner of the Expressionist school of playwriting of the early 20th century and his work voiced the disillusionment of many artists and intellectuals after World War I. He is now recognised as one of the outstanding figures in German dramatic literature and it is widely believed that, had it not been for his early death, he might have joined such central German literary figures as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller at the summit of their profession. His works include Woyzeck, left incomplete at the time of this death; his first play, Danton's Death, and the comedy Leonce and Lena.

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