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It Ate My Sister
It Ate My Sister
It Ate My Sister
Audiobook3 hours

It Ate My Sister

Written by Mark Binder

Narrated by Mark Binder

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

"Binder is a skilled writer and performer, and in these stories he’s as charming as ever…" –USA TODAY NETWORK

A bit of comedy, a dash of science fiction, a splosh of horror, and a lot of Fun, Funny, Spooky Adventures from the Audie Award Nominated author of “The Zombie Cat”

For nearly two decades, author and storyteller Mark Binder has been sharing his "autobiographical fiction" with listeners of all ages.

"My sister Ellen and I didn’t get along. It’s not that we didn’t love each other, we just couldn’t stand each other."

With genetic mutations, insane bullies, explosions, poisonous snakes, ghosts and other assorted comic mishaps, this book makes your family seem normal!

  1. It Ate My Sister
  2. The PI Kid
  3. The Bully and the Shrimp
  4. My Grandfather's Turkey
  5. Runninghead
  6. Where There's Smoke…
  7. The Tale of Bad Breath Bill
  8. The Haunted Playground
  9. Abu Hassan's Mighty Wind (from the Arabian Nights)
  10. Ellen vs. the Snake
Bonus material for the audiobook
  • The first (and only) audiobook "Middleduction"
  • Bonus live version of the title story
  • Bonus author conversation about storytelling and audiobooks.

Warning: may contain traces of snake venom and slug slime.

Mark Binder is the Audie Award nominated author and storyteller, who tours the world sharing stories with readers and listeners of all ages. 

  • Check out his tour calendar at
  • Listen to more live tracks on Spotify
  • Follow on social media @markbinderbooks
Release dateJul 9, 2022
It Ate My Sister

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