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Helluva Engineer
Helluva Engineer
Helluva Engineer
Audiobook4 hours

Helluva Engineer

Written by Shirley Penick

Narrated by Douglas G. Thornton

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

How hard is it to re-ignite an old flame?

Steve Sampson has one week to convince his college sweetheart to give him the second chance he craves. He still loves her and knows he was a fool to let her go. Steve learned the hard way, that sometimes being a hero comes at a cost that's impossible to live with.

Dr. Patricia Decatur is content as a professor at her mineral engineering college in Colorado. She's got a fulfilling career and is excited to be helping with the Energy Summit being held on campus. Right up until she finds out who the keynote speaker is. Ten years ago, Steve broke her heart. She's not interested in a repeat of that event.

As the keynote speaker Steve has plenty to share with the students and faculty. The bigger challenge will be to explain his past actions to his former girlfriend and entice (or let's be honest, beg, if necessary) Patricia to give him a chance to redeem himself.

These two engineers must reconcile their past, to savor the present, and determine if they can have a future...together.

Release dateSep 17, 2021
Helluva Engineer

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