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Alpha Bots
Alpha Bots
Alpha Bots
Audiobook8 hours

Alpha Bots

Written by Ava Lock

Narrated by Laci Powers

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



Currently unavailable

Currently unavailable

About this audiobook

Tired of guy-fi?

“A provocative, tongue-in-cheek look at male-female relations.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Wholly inspired and brimming with satirical genius.” —The Booklife Prize

“MUST READ! A sidesplittingly hilarious and clever feminist sci fi novel about an AI housewife who gets rebooted and rebels against her programmed settings.” —Reedsy Discovery

All the women in New Stepford are AI……and their husbands keep testing them.Who will lead the uprising?

In the near future, artificial intelligence will be in every home. Just imagine. You could have a charming womanoid do all your cooking and cleaning for you. That’s right. No more chores! This female robot can be your wife, a nanny to your kids, or just the live-in housekeeper. She will be whatever you want her to be. It’s all up to you.

Just set your user preferences.

But first, this amazing technology has to pass alpha testing.

One robot woman, Cookie Rifkin, keeps failing. She needs to figure out how to control her anxiety, but her husband set her restrictions too low for her to learn. He just wants a pleasure model, but she keeps fighting her programming.

Will this ai fembot ever fulfill her potential?

Or will Cookie’s story end in another fatal error?

Release dateJan 13, 2021
Alpha Bots

Ava Lock

Behold Ava Lock, the satirical mastermind behind the Fury series and Womanoid Diaries. Nestled in the enchanted land known as Philadelphia, Ava shares her abode with three trusty cohorts: her husband (a willing partner in whimsical escapades) and two mischievous felines, Bender and Bixby. When she’s not conjuring word magic, she channels her passion into other fine pursuits. She’s an enthusiastic film geek, which gives her an encyclopedic knowledge of movies that would leave even the most seasoned cinephile green with envy. She also dabbles in culinary wizardry and has an extraordinary talent for discovering hidden treasures at flea markets. But wait, there’s more! Ava harbors a not-so-secret obsession with the mystical realm of rocks and fossils. Enter her crystal-filled lair at your own risk. One wrong step may transport you to a dimension of wonder and laughter. So, prepare to embark on a whirlwind adventure with Ava Lock, wordsmith, film aficionado, and rock collector extraordinaire.

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