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Autumn Vindication
Autumn Vindication
Autumn Vindication
Audiobook7 hours

Autumn Vindication

Written by Sally Jo Pitts

Narrated by Christa DelSorbo

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

A private investigator and amateur sleuth make an unexpected autumn discovery

Private Investigator Robert Grey, a former state agent with a tarnished reputation, and his intern Jane Carson arrive in Pine Bluff, Alabama. Initially working a voter fraud case, they find themselves in the middle of a homicide and their client, the local sheriff, is the prime suspect.

Challenged with finding a murderer and grappling with career doubts of their own, the PIs are pitted against Robert’s nemesis.

With a man’s life at stake, can this unlikely duo find vindication while untangling the mysterious maze of suspects and motives hidden within the colored cloak of autumn?

Release dateSep 2, 2020
Autumn Vindication

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