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Audiobook13 hours


Written by Karen Heenan

Narrated by Jennifer Summerfield

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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Currently unavailable

About this audiobook

Bess has the voice of an angel, or so Henry VIII declares when he buys her from her father. As a member of the Music, the royal company of minstrels, Bess grows up within the decadent Tudor court, navigating the ever-changing tide of royals and courtiers. Friends come and go as cracked voices, politics, heartbreak, and death loom over even the lowliest of musicians. Tom, her first and dearest friend, is her only constant. But as Bess becomes too comfortable at court, she may find that constancy has its limits.

This title has been rated S, appropriate for adults, and contains:

  • intense sex
  • moderate language
  • moderate alcohol use
  • abortion
  • suicide

For more information on our rating system, please, visit our Content Guide

Release dateAug 15, 2020

Karen Heenan

Karen Heenan was born and raised in Philadelphia. She fell in love with books and stories before she could read, and has wanted to write for nearly as long. After far too many years in a cubicle, she set herself free to follow her dreams - which include gardening, sewing, traveling and, of course, lots of writing. She lives in Lansdowne, PA, not far from Philadelphia, with two cats and a very patient husband, and is currently hard at work on her next book.

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