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Baraka: casser la baraque
Baraka: casser la baraque
Baraka: casser la baraque
Audiobook28 hours

Baraka: casser la baraque

Written by Aurélien Millot

Narrated by Aurélien Millot

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About this audiobook

In the tradition, being part of the Knowledge and the world inheritance of humanity, "Baraka" means "the blessing", for which the other, the alter, the foreigner is perceived as hands extended, a help, support, collaboration and not as fists, a threat, a weight, a competition. In this ancestral wisdom and natural good sense, the other makes us give birth to ourselves and represents facets of the infinite mirror of perceptions of life like a gigantic kaleidoscope. Rumi said, "The truth is a mirror that fell from the hand of God and broke, and everyone picks up a fragment and says that the whole truth is there." We seem to be coming from Unity, the Absolute and in our downfall, humanity has had to separate from it to incarnate itself in order to better find in itself and thanks to the other as reflection, this Divine Consciousness. Each piece, each component to recompose the infinite puzzle and admire the masterpiece. Such seems to be subtly the Great Work, the secret enigma of existence to the extent that to exist, which means etymologically "to segment", this separation of the Great All remains necessary. Our initiatory narrative leads us to the Middle East on two time strata, at the time of Jesus Christ as well as in a contemporary way in Syria in a refugee camp. Myriam and Issa two humanitarians respectively engaged for the red cross and the red crescent, from two cultures that all oppose, she coming from the south of the Atlas and he is from the north of France, both converts, will relearn to the other and on the other, the beauty of their origins from which they have turned, through the prism of esotericism respectively Gnosis and Sufism. This human adventure will be animated by twelve colorful characters who will raise an incredible number of existential questions to remind themselves of the notion of Knowledge and absolute union. It will be another way to update religions, parallels between them to dust off some old libraries of the West that sometimes oxidizes or lack of faith or say to aspire to a vision can be more qualitative of the Living. In a holistic vision, the awakening seems to remain at a spiritual level but also socio-economic and environmental. We have reached a pivotal period that seems to lead us to the bottom to find, perhaps, in us and together the impulse. This humanitarian, humanistic, human adventure unfolds in a contemporary way as well as at the beginning of our era, or when History, individual or collective stories seem to echo and resonate with each other like entangled nesting dolls in order to co-write all together following the Great Book of Life ...
PublisherLantern Audio
Release dateFeb 5, 2020
Baraka: casser la baraque

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